Is thc wax a felony in texas?

In Texas it is illegal to possess THC oil and wax and CBN oil and wax, but it is not illegal to possess CBD oil or wax as long as the THC content is. Marijuana or cannabis contains at least 110 types of cannabinoids, of which THC, CBN and CBD are the most abundant and the most studied. In most cases, possession of THC wax in Texas is a felony, not a misdemeanor. Even though the active components of THC wax and marijuana are the same, Texas law does not view them as the same substance.

THC wax is one of the strongest forms of marijuana available and is much more potent than marijuana leaves. Therefore, Texas law considers it appropriate to punish possession of THC wax much more harshly than other forms of the drug. Yes, it's illegal to do dab in Texas. Possession of any type of marijuana extract or cannabis concentrate with more than.

In contrast, possession of THC concentrates is considered a felony in Texas of any weight. Even less than a gram of THC concentrate, oil, or edible will be treated as a state jail felony. Even if THC were legally purchased in Colorado and returned to Texas, you could face serious consequences. ANY QUANTITY OF CANNABIS CONCENTRATE IS A FELONY IN TEXAS.

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